Welcome to the DSG Prayer Walk. Clear your headspace and mute your phone. Look around you. Listen. Draw close.

He’s with you, and He wants you to find Him. Then, walk closely with Him and feel His presence.


The Diocesan School for Girls was founded in 1874 on Christian grounds and is committed to witnessing in word and deed to the Gospel of Christ.

We invite you to take in the beauty of our school’s campus and appreciate how blessed we are to be able to call this our school.

Put some time aside. Take a moment to reflect on your own life as well as the many feet of those who have trodden this path before you.

May this Prayer Walk bring you peace, comfort and inspiration.

What is the purpose of a Prayer Walk?

To help you engage in personal conversations with your Maker, Redeemer, and Sanctifier through reflection and prayer.


What materials will I need?

You will need your phone to scan the QR code at each station. Once scanned, the QR code will lead you to the stations strategically located around the campus.


What should I do at the station?

Once you’re at the station, look for a plaque with a scripture inscribed on it. This carefully selected scripture will guide you to reflect, meditate and pray. You can also read up on DSG’s deep-rooted history.


How long will it take?

You will spend a few minutes at each station. Take your time, and feel free to stay longer at a station should you wish. You may also visit some of the stations now and return later for the rest.


Who can participate in the Prayer Walk?

Anyone staying on or visiting our DSG campus is welcome to take part in the Prayer Walk. This can be done individually, in groups, or as a family. It is a journey of reflection, so remember to be still and contemplative along the way.

NB: If you are new to Prayer Walks, you might find this exercise a little awkward. May the Holy Spirit use these uncomfortable moments for your growth. Approach it with an open mind and live in the moment.

You can also do a virtual tour of the Prayer Walk by visiting our website here:

CHAPEL – The Diocesan School for Girls, Makhanda (


Enjoy the experience!

Rev Rachel Ssekimpi

DSG Chaplain – 2024