Where Friends Become Sisters
Boarding provides a space for unique social and personal development where deep, lasting friendships can be formed. Eighty per cent of our girls are boarders – with good reason. The modern boarding experience is a far cry from days of old. Today, parents deliberately choose boarding because they believe in making a positive decision to allow their child to realise their true potential. We share this goal at DSG. Our focus is two-fold: to build confident individuals, develop leadership skills and independence and foster a strong sense of community based on the tolerance and acceptance that comes with living in a diverse and multi-cultural society.

Our Facilities

DSG has five boarding Houses, including Manyano House, which is solely dedicated to our Grade 8s, providing them with a cosy, caring environment specially designed to help girls settle into boarding school among their own peer group. Boarders benefit greatly from having a world of opportunity at their fingertips.

Friendships for Life

Boarding school inevitably pushes each girl out of their comfort zone. They find themselves immersed in a diverse community, where they form bonds that transcend cultural, language, geographical or social differences. The girls become family and form connections that for the most part last a lifetime, creating a rich and vast network that provides immense support on a global level, both professionally and personally.

Live, thrive and learn

Boarding does not simply provide pupils with a meal and a place to sleep at night, but rather it is a place for girls to live, thrive and learn a range of soft skills that go beyond the confines of the classroom. Ours girls are surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities, excellent teachers and coaches, which they have access to 7 days a week. Owing to the structure of the school day and the campus layout, pupils can pursue their academics rigorously without compromising on the abundant offering of extramural activities, allowing each girl to seize every opportunity that comes her way. There is no issue of conflicting schedules and endless commutes – instead, each hour is utilized effectively to fit in a full day of stimulating activities that includes socialising and homework!

Group of girls throwing their hats up in the air

Excellent Pastoral Care

The DSG is invested in and cares deeply for the well-being of the pupils, providing excellent emotional, social, physical and spiritual support through a Wellness Centre. The Wellness Team comprises of a counselling psychologist, an educational psychologist, two fully qualified nursing sisters, two consultant doctors and a chaplain. Each house is run by a team of dedicated and passionate staff who form close bonds with the girls, always looking after their best interests. Girls also get assigned a tutor outside of their boarding house, who plays the role of mentor and sounding board for the duration of their years at DSG.

No Admission fee is charged. We do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to entry.