introducing the dsg venue initiative


The legacy of Ege White (Upper, 1989) is etched deeply within the heart of our school and is a testament to unparalleled generosity and enduring relationships, qualities that we strive to instil in our young Andreans. His commitment to nurturing relationships was a cornerstone of the impact he had on Old Andreans, DSG Old Girls, parents of our family of schools and a multiple of College and Prep boys. Ege was a true friend to many, fostering a culture of unity and camaraderie that resonated across generations.

The Ege White Bursary Fund has been established with the purpose of providing financial assistance to deserving pupils from the Eastern Cape farming community who might not have the necessary resources to fully cover their educational expenses at St Andrew’s. All donations to the Ege White Bursary Fund will be ringfenced for the allocation to eligible families over time.


An Ege White Bursary Fund will also be developed for DSG, and donors will have the opportunity to share their generosity between our Family of Schools.  Due to the nature of our governance structures from an NPO and tax point of view, two separate funds are required to independently support boys at College/Prep and girls at DSG.


Over time, the Ege White Bursary Fund bursary fund will impact the lives of many Eastern Cape families by providing their children with the opportunity to attend our Family of Schools.


Should you wish to donate to the Ege White Bursary Fund at  St Andrew’s College please click here.

Please note, St Andrew’s College (incorporating St Andrew’s Preparatory School) and the Diocesan School for Girls are distinct legal entities with their own individual Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) statuses. Should you require Section 18A tax certificates , they will be provided by the respective institution to which your donation was made, through their authorised representatives.

For enquiries, please contact the DSG Foundation Office at the  DSG Foundation Office