Crewe House: I AM with you

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.                                                                                         

 John 3:16

As you settle down at this station, invite God into this moment.

When ready, read the verse above several times.

Pause and reflect on what this verse reveals about God’s heart. Take your time; there’s no need to hurry. Speak freely to Him, expressing whatever thoughts come to your mind.

Here is a prayer to guide you:

Jesus, I grieve that the torture and suffering You endured on the cross were essential for humanity’s salvation. You chose not to let sin, fear, or anxiety, enslave me, and instead, You sacrificed Yourself so that love could triumph. It was love that hung on the cross, giving up everything to redeem me. “It is finished” was a cry of victory, as You conquered all that had bound me.

Through Your sacrifice, I am granted eternal intimacy with You. I am truly grateful! Guide me to deepen my knowledge of You and to share the hope found in You with others.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Crewe’s story

Crewe House was established in 1927 and was originally designed to house 42 girls.

Crewe has evolved over the years. More recently, a new two-storey wing was added, familiarly known as ‘new Crewe,’ complete with a flat for a deputy House Director.

Crewe House overlooks Rhodes University and the Rhodes Monument. It also has a great view of the school astro, which is shared with St Andrew’s College. Winter is synonymous with girls pushing and shoving at the windows to catch a glimpse of the activities on the hockey astro.

Crewe is the biggest of the Houses, with room for 84 boarders.