introducing the 150 club


Where Extraordinary Meets Opportunity – Amazing Things Happen!


Whilst celebrating DSGs extraordinary 150 years, we must be cognizant of the importance of sustaining the school’s diversity and its unique offering that has grown from year to year. Our sisterhood sets us apart; our “magic formula” is our diversity, driven by potential rather than funding, and brings together girls from all walks of life, from neighbouring farms to over-border and beyond.  

It is our responsibility to maintain this incredible mix of girls and uphold the character and integrity of this much-loved school. As a result – the Future Leaders Fund was born, which relies heavily on fundraising initiatives and the generosity of benefactors to allow young girls showing remarkable potential to attend DSG and ultimately gain access to a ‘world of opportunity’ regardless of financial challenges.


DSG celebrates its 150th year in 2024, a milestone that we certainly look forward to celebrating.

To encourage our extended DSG family to be able to contribute to this incredible initiative we have created an accessible platform for alumni,  the DSG 150 Club. 

The 150 Club will afford high potential girls with limited financial means the opportunity to experience a world-class education at DSG. 


The 150 Club is  a monthly subscription payment of minimum of R150. Subscribers then falls part of a termly draw  of a minimum of R1000 which will grow as the subscriber base grows. You are able to cancel your subscription after a cooling off period of 4 months.

For the cost of 3.5 cappuccinos (R150) a month, you too can make a difference.

T's & Cs

  1. The DSG 150 Club is regulated by the National Lottery Commission.
  2. All funds raised through the 150 Club will be used for the sole purpose of offering financial assistance to high potential girls with limited financial means  only.
  3. A draw will take place at the end of each term where 1 winner will be announced.
  4. Winner will receive a minimum payout of R1000, as membership grows as will percentage of the winner’s takings.
  5. Winners may opt to have the prize money paid directly into their account, allocated towards school fees or donated to the Future Fund.
  6. You may only terminate your subscription at the end a 4-month (Term) period.