introducing the 150 club



DSG is founded on strong Christian principles. The School Hymn is a favourite Anglican hymn while the School Prayer comprises of several Bible verses.

Consecrated on the 2 February 1884 by Bishop Webb, the All Saints’ Chapel is beautifully adorned in face brick with stained glass windows. It stands conspicuous and is the heartbeat of the school. Girls and staff gather here for worship and to support one another in celebration and sadness. Members of other faiths are welcome and they add to the rich tapestry of the school. The school has their own full-time Chaplain who oversees all worship assisted by sacristans.

Forms of Transformation in the Chapel space are:

  • Using various inclusive languages in songs and scripture readings during our services.
  • Changing the Altar Linen to reflect Bible stories with inclusive figures.


Having been founded on strong Christian principles, DSG needed to have a Statement of Faith tailored according to their needs. The process of formulating the Faith Statement started in 2021 and after several workshops, a draft statement was completed. After proofing and editing, the end product was ratified by Council and has been uploaded onto the school Website.


My name is Rev Rachel Ssekimpi, the current Chaplain to DSG. A mother of four children with a passion for teaching and ministry, my role at DSG has combined these qualities in a unique and fulfilling way.

I am thrilled to be part of the DSG team. Through the help of the Holy Spirit, I strive to make a motherly and Spiritual difference in the girls’ lives in a natural setting.

It is my daily prayer that each person on our campus will “Grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ” (Ephesians 3: 18) for them.

Love & Blessings,

Rev Rachel


SCA offers a safe, relaxed space for senior school girls to hear the Gospel through songs, Bible reading and testimonies from their peers. It is run by Sacristans on Fridays at 6:30 pm in the Chapel. These meetings are optional and offer opportunities which strengthen Christian bonds.

Twice a term, DSG girls combine with SAC boys at a common venue and once a term, the Kingswood SCA is invited.

On Fridays, Grade 6 & 7s have Youth with their counterparts at SAC Prep while Grade 4s and 5s have theirs at DSG. These too are immensely enjoyed.


All Grade 8s cover the Youth Alpha Course as part of their RE curriculum. Created by young people with young people in mind, the course encourages them to have conversations about life, faith and Jesus. In small groups, they get a chance to ask Faith-based questions in a safe environment.

Since 2021, all Grade 9s are given a garden which they prepare and grow vegetables on for the entire year. The Farming God’s Way project teaches farming based on scriptures with the aim of all Grade 9s acquiring the farming skill which they can use later in life. 


Any girl, staff member, or their families may request to be baptised at any time during the year. They will have to attend a course led by the Chaplain before the baptism.

Girls in Grade 10 – 12 may apply to be confirmed. They will attend a course led by the Chaplain, after which they will be confirmed by the Bishop during Balloon Week. 

Catholic girls wishing to be confirmed should contact the Chaplain. Confirmation classes are held offsite.


Junior school : Wednesday

Senior School: Thursday

Sundays, all boarders attend Evening Prayer, Junior School boarders are welcome to join.

Corporate Communion services: first and last Sundays of each term. 

Junior School starts each day with prayer. Girls are encouraged to read a scripture and lead prayers at assembly before period one.

In High School, Tutors lead the girls in prayer during the Tutor period. On Tuesdays, the school starts assembly with a reading and prayer. Daily devotions are emailed to all girls and staff.

All boarders end the day with common prayer.