Cambridge A Levels Results

Cambridge A Levels Results

Cambridge International A Level Results 2022

In 2019, St Andrew’s College and the Diocesan School for Girls introduced a Cambridge International A Levels Stream, giving our pupils the choice of a recognised and respected international alternative to the mainstream National Senior Certificate (NSC) written through the IEB. Successful completion of a Cambridge International A Level qualification provides pupils with access to the top universities throughout the world, including South Africa.
Our third cohort of 17 St Andrew’s College and DSG pupils wrote their final A Level examinations in October and November of 2022, and we are delighted to be able to announce the 2022 Cambridge International A Level results.
The subject pass rate of our pupils who wrote the 2022 A Level examinations was 100%, and 30% of our subject A Level results were over 80%.
Five of our twelve candidates achieved distinctions for A Level Chemistry including 3 A* (90 and above) symbols, and five of our thirteen candidates in A Level Physics achieved A* or A symbols.
We warmly congratulate the following Grade 12 pupils who achieved exceptional results in their Cambridge International A Level examinations:

Ishan Panchal
3 A* symbols, with an average of 93%.
Emily Orphanides (DSG)
2 A* symbols and 1 A symbol, with an average of 91%.
Ethan John
1 A* symbol and 3 A symbols, with an average of 84%
Cameron Destro
2 A symbols, with an average of 81%.
Megan Barrow (DSG)
2 A symbols, with an average of 81%.

Congratulations too to our Grade 11 A Levels pupils, who achieved a 100% pass rate and 25% A symbols across their subjects. This bodes well for their A Levels in Grade 12 in 2023. Particular congratulations to Michael Mulcahy, who achieved 4 A symbols with an average of 92%, Max Coventry, who achieved 4 A symbols with an average of 84%, and Estelle Minas (DSG), who achieved 3 A symbols with an average of 86%. Mia Karimba (DSG) achieved an outstanding 97% for IGCSE French in June 2022.
We are exceptionally proud of the achievements of our A Levels class of 2022. They have overcome the challenges of a heavily disrupted start to their A Levels journey and the huge step up to A Levels from Grade 10 to achieve some excellent results, with our top pupils exceeding our highest expectations. They have grasped the opportunity to stretch themselves academically through the A Levels programme with great focus and determination. They have flourished academically and are now truly equipped to succeed in their choice of university anywhere in the world. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to all the staff at St Andrew’s College and DSG who have given so much of their time and energy to ensure the success of the A Levels programme. Well done and thank you to all.

Graham Creese
Deputy Head (Academics)


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