The DSG Foundation Office

The DSG Foundation Office

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

DSG continues to be a campus that provides a dynamic, happy and nurturing environment for young people. It is a campus filled with delightful, humble and gracious girls in green and fosters a culture that exudes friendship, loyalty, compassion and boundless energy. The Foundation Office work looks to build on the unique community spirit of the school with the aim of advancing DSG and ensuring a successful and secure future.

We remain grateful to the DSG community whose ongoing support in the form of gifts, time and service contribute to this very special place that we call DSG.

If you would like to support one of the many projects outlined below, please CLICK HERE, email the DSG Foundation Office or call 046 603 4300.

Donating to DSG

Bursaries and Scholarships

Igniting Authentic Leadshership

DSG Turns 150

2024 marks DSG’s 150th year of providing academic excellence. This significant milestone will be celebrated in a number of ways. Watch the space for more detail!

DSG 500 Club

The DSG 500 Club is open to all parents, staff, DSG Old Girls and friends of DSG. To become a member


DSG Campus Development


No Admission fee is charged. We do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to entry.