The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App

The Guardian Anonymous Reporting App

After extensive research and trialing an alternative app, we decided to introduce the Guardian Anonymous Reporting App into the school. This app is a tool for learners, staff or parents to report any issues concerning them. The default is that the report is anonymous, but reporters may disclose their identity if they choose to.

Reports are received simultaneously by several selected staff members at our school, and one staff member will be allocated to investigate each report. The investigator can communicate with the reporter via the app, to request further information or to provide advice or support without compromising the anonymity of the reporter. The app can also be used to send notices and other information to the DSG community, as needed.

The registration process requires that each learner/parent/staff member downloads the app and enters their name, surname, and cell phone number and selects their school on the registration page. The Guardian retains this information in an exceptionally secure and encrypted environment. The Guardian will never disclose this information, unless a child is deemed, by the trained staff at the Guardian, to be at risk. Many schools from across South Africa already use this app, and both learners, and educators have seen real value in this as a reporting solution.

Why does it have to be anonymous?

More than 80% of learners feel more comfortable reporting on issues that are worrying them or affecting their friends, if their identity remains anonymous. Implementation of this app at DSG means:

  1. Learners have a platform to report on any issues they may be scared to report on directly.
  2. The school can receive information which we may never have received. It will give us the ability to deal with issues timeously, and to put measures in place to prevent similar issues arising again.
  3. The Push Notification Feature on the app not only allows for instant messaging through the app but also helps the learners to keep the app front of mind as a means of communicating concerns. 

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No Admission fee is charged. We do recommend that you return the form as soon as possible. An Entrance Deposit is requested once the pupil has been accepted the year prior to entry.