School Executives

Jannie de Villiers

Head of DSG

Nozuko Konjwa

Deputy Head - Transformation & Boarding & Crewe House Director

Simon Holderness

Deputy Head - Head of Pupil Affairs

Dr Petra Gentz

Deputy Head - Academics

Jane Ritchie

Deputy Head - Junior School Head

Grade Heads

Lindsay Davy

Grade 12

Grade Head and Life Science - Lifestyle Sports Teacher

Dominic Marx

Grade 11

Grade Head and Life Science Teacher

Dr Edie Minas

Grade 8

Grade Head and History Teacher

Louella Sullivan

Grade 10

Grade Head and English Teacher

Louise Todd

Grade 9

Grade Head

Heads of Departments

Susan Baker

Dramatic Arts HOD

Dr Ingrid Foster

Life Science HOD

Shuying Fu

Mandarin HOD

Nontando Mlilo

French HOD

Shelly Roodt

isiXhosa HOD

Louella Sullivan

A Level Programme HOD

House Directors

Cheryl Flanagan

Espin House Director and Maths Teacher

Jane Jarvis

Manyano House Director and Educational Psychologist

Nozuko Konjwa

Deputy Head - Transformation & Boarding & Crewe House Director

Bronlyn Gamiet

Merriman House Director

Michelle Mason

Knowling House Director and Geography Teacher

Council Members

  • Chairman: Mr Mark Cotton
  • Transformation Chair: Ms Vuyokazi Dwane
  • Junior School Chair: Mr. James Gordon
  • Marketing: Mr Grant Hillary
  • HR Chair and Vice-Chairman: Mrs Maura Jarvis
  • Investment Chairman: Dr Yoza Jekwa
  • Dr Fiona Meihuizen
  • Dr Kagiso Mokgatle
  • Non-Financial and Governance Chair: Ms Amelia Motsepe
  • Mr Dave Murray
  • The Right Revd. St Mark Ebenzer Ntlali
  • Honorary Treasurer: Mr Nic Poole
  • Guild Repo:
  • Mrs Janet Ross
  • Mr. Donald Rogan
  • DevCom Chair: Andrew Stern

Ex Officio

  • Mr Jannie de Villiers
  • Mr Simon Holderness
  • Dr Petra Gentz
  • Ms Jane Ritchie
  • Ms Penny York
  • Mr David Jarvis
  • Ms Victoria Mallett
  • Ms Sinead Brook
  • Ms Angela Southey
Mark Cotton Block

“We will continue to ensure that we place into the world creative, innovative thinkers who are adaptable, ethical and progressive and are primed to succeed. Our world needs them more than ever.”

- Mark Cotton, Chairperson of the DSG Council

Prefect Body 2024

  • Head Girl- Loapi Mokgatlhe
  • Deputy Head Girl- Jessica Barrow
  • Head Sacristan- Buhle Ndlovu
  • Head Day Girl- Lucy Ritchie
  • Head of Crewe- Kananelo Motsoeneng
  • Head of Espin- Zoe Matshoga
  • Head of Knowling- Tessa Ngoyi
  • Head of Merriman- Avuyisiwe Dyaphu


  • Transformation and Diversity- Kwazi Matoti
  • Transformation and Diversity- Lathitha Mayaba
  • Transformation and Diversity- Maungo Ntshole
  • Transformation and Diversity- Wendy Mawu
  • Academic Portfolio- Kimi Coetzee
  • Community Engagement- Kirsten White
  • Community Engagement- Ella Becker
  • Cultural- Yolo Sogoni
  • Cultural- Kanya Torp Nelani
  • Environment- Isabella Rodwell


  • Head Girl- Indipile Ndamase
  • Deputy Head Girl- Jane Dixie
  • Head Day Girl- Amy Fowlds
  • Head of Crewe- Saskia Gambale
  • Head of Espin- Tayla Barrett
  • Head of Knowling- Delphina Tembo
  • Head of Merriman- Vuyo Motsilili
  • Head of Manyano- Dalitso Banda
  • Head Sacristan- Enya Kemp
  • Transformation and Diversity- Indipile Ndamase
  • Transformation and Diversity- Jane Dixie
  • Academic Portfolio- Jemma Boonzaier
  • Community Engagement- Josie Andrew
  • Cultural- Asive Ngcebetsha
  • Environment- Chelsea Cordner
  • Junior Pastoral- Wama Polo
  • Manyano- Asive Ngcebetsha
  • Manyano- Annabelle Reunert
  • Manyano- Lauren Van Coller
  • Manyano Daygirl Prefect- Caris Walsh
  • Media and Marketing- Janet Lancefield
  • Media and Marketing- Riley Cawse
  • Sport- Nikki Du Toit
  • Transformation and Diversity- Indiphile Duda
  • Transformation and Diversity- Zoya Manana
  • Transformation and Diversity- Rachel Stevenson
  • Pupil Development & Wellness- Sophia Baynes
  • Pupil Development & Wellness- Esethu Fani
  • Pupil Development & Wellness- Gemma Badenhorst
  • Pupil Development & Wellness- Sarah-Jane Brits
  • Manyano- Kungawo Pepeta
  • Manyano- Kutloano Lebitso
  • Manyano- Lilitha Ntetha
  • Manyano- Robyn Ellis
  • Media & Marketing- Stacy Karungi
  • Media & Marketing- Caitlin Gardiner
  • Sport- Kayleigh Clayton
  • Sport- Hannah Lowe
  • Sport- Lesielo Headbush
  • Junior Pastoral- Demi McInnes
  • Junior Pastoral- Sibeso Mudenda
  • House Prefect- Jamie Marx
  • House Prefect- Rebecca Phillips
  • House Prefect- Thando France