The Hug is DSG’s much loved sculpture positioned at the heart of DSG’s campus, outside the All Saint’s Chapel. It was gifted to DSG in 2006 by Michelle Key, a celebrated artist and sculptor.  The act of hugging has become synonymous with life at DSG, and in honour of her daughters, who both loved their time at the school, Michelle felt the hug would be the perfect subject matter to symbolise their respective experiences. The Hug is a young girl being welcomed to ‘the sisterhood’ with a warm embrace by Senior girl as she looks towards her promising future. Interesting facts: Weighs 140kgs. One of the models was Michelle’s daughter Nicky – her actual blazer, shoes and uniform were part of the casting process. Doc Watson, Head of Council in 2006 commented “signifies the emotion of DSG which is one of warmth and caring.”